Rebates for Solar Homes – Ministerial Response

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Original constituency question from Juliana Addison MP to Parliament –

My constituency question is for the Minister for Solar Homes, and it is about the uptake of the Solar Homes package rebates in my electorate of Wendouree.

I am proud the Solar Homes initiative is helping Victorian households to cut their energy costs by utilising renewable energy.

Minister, can you please advise how many households in Wendouree have applied to take advantage of this innovative program that will not only reduce the cost of living by driving down power bills but also benefit the environment? I am also interested to know from the minister about the interest in the solar rebate program to tenants living in rental properties in Wendouree.

I welcome the leadership the Andrews Labor government has shown in supporting people who rent as well as those who own their home, and I am pleased that they can access the many benefits of solar power. I really do look forward to hearing from the minister and thank her for her work to date, and I will encourage more residents in Ballarat to benefit from this great package.


Response from the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, & Minister for Solar Homes (28th October 2019)  – 

Since launching in August 2018, the Solar Homes program has been delivering cheaper electricity bills to people across the state.

Solar Homes is a 10-year investment worth more than $1.3 billion, which is helping 770,000 Victorian households take control of their energy costs.

In 2018-19, 367 households in Wendouree received up to $2,225 to support their investment in rooftop solar.

Since the program reopened on 1 July, another 151 homes in Wendouree have taken advantage of the government’s rebate offer. That’s 518 new rooftop solar systems helping the people of Wendouree reduce their energy costs. In addition, since our new solar rebates for renters commenced on 1 July 2019, five landlords have already taken up the solar rebate, supporting their tenants living in properties in Wendouree.

Regional Victorians have been enthusiastic supporters of the program, receiving some 40 per cent of all rebates allocated so far.

In 2019-20, our program will provide 65,420 solar panel rebates (including 2,000 rebates for renters), 1,000 battery rebates and 6,000 solar hot water rebates in 2019-20. These installations will occur in addition to the thousands of residential systems being installed by households who are not eligible for the program.

Before the Solar Homes program commenced, approximately 35,000 residential solar installations were occurring every year. In the first year of the program, over 54,000 residential solar installations were completed in Victoria, and with over 65,000 rebates available this year, we are confident we will set a new record for residential solar installations in Victoria.