Central Highlands Orange Door: Constituency Question

Ms ADDISON (Wendouree) (14:35): My constituency question is to the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence. Minister, could you please provide an update on what services the Central Highlands Orange Door network are providing for my constituents in Wendouree?

Minister, it was a pleasure to attend the Orange Door with you earlier this year and see the important work this service is providing for families experiencing family violence right across the Central Highlands region. This is an important initiative, a foundation reform from Victoria’s world-first Royal Commission into Family Violence, that has fundamentally changed the way we respond to family violence and coordinate support for the wellbeing of children and families in our communities.

I note that the family violence reform implementation monitor in her recent report praised the implementation and commencement of the Central Highlands Orange Door despite the COVID pandemic last year. I thank all staff working at the Orange Door for the incredible work that they do.


The Minister for Prevention of Family Violence has answered this constituency question; take a look at her response.

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