Wendouree Electorate – Constituency Question

Ms ADDISON (Wendouree) (14:41:031:): My constituency question is for the Minister for Health. Will the minister please advise how the $6.5 million investment for robot-assisted surgery to be delivered at Grampians Health services’ Ballarat Base Hospital will improve outcomes and reduce recovery times for regional patients?

Many local doctors and surgeons, including specialist and general colorectal surgeon Dr Carolyn Vasey, have been calling for the investment in a surgical robot to enable the introduction of a robotics program in Ballarat.

I was very pleased to visit the Ballarat Base Hospital recently and see a demonstration of some simulated training exercises with the robot-assisted surgery system and speak to chief medical officer Matthew Hadfield and urologist Rob Forsyth about the benefits not only to patients but to Ballarat’s ability to attract surgeons into the future.

I thank the minister for his strong support for Grampians Health service, and I look forward to hearing more about the benefits that robot-assisted surgery will bring to my community.

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