Getting Back to Work in Ballarat – Ministerial Response

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Original adjournment matter from Juliana Addison MP to Parliament –

It is an absolute pleasure to be here tonight on St Patrick’s Day to raise an adjournment matter.

My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Employment in the other place regarding helping more Victorians to get back to work after the COVID pandemic.

The action that I am seeking is for the minister to update me on how the Andrews Labor government’s $619.4 million Jobs Victoria plan to return thousands to the workforce will support jobseekers in my electorate of Wendouree and in Ballarat.

I am very proud that our government is prioritising getting Victorians back to work after a very difficult 2020 and that we have an ambitious job target of creating 40 000 new jobs by 2025, with 20 000 of those created by 2022. I am pleased that the Jobs Victoria Fund will support both Victorians looking for work as well as businesses looking to recover and grow, with wage subsidy payments of up to $20 000 available to employers who take on workers.

Jobseekers in Victoria often face multiple challenges and barriers to getting a job and need a range of employment supports. I welcome the announcement of funding for job mentors and advocates across Victoria and in the Central Highlands. I am sure this support will be most beneficial.

I am also pleased that there will be a strong focus on supporting women, particularly women over the age of 45, as women have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID pandemic.

I thank the Minister for Employment for the great work that she is doing to get Victorians back to work. I look forward to updating my community on how this important job plan will support local jobseekers and businesses as we recover from the COVID pandemic.


Response from the Hon Jaala Pulford MP, Minister for Employment (19th April 2021) –

Thank you for your adjournment matter regarding the $619.4 million Jobs Victoria investment and support for people in your electorate of Wendouree and the local area of Ballarat.

Through the 2020/21 Budget, the Victorian Government has invested $619.4 million over three years to provide employment supports to Victorian jobseekers and to create jobs as our economy rebuilds.

Employment supports for Victorian jobseekers

Jobs Victoria Advocates help jobseekers across Victoria to navigate employment support services and connect them to skill building and job opportunities. In your local community, four Advocates are located across two organisations, WestVic Ballarat and Highlands Local Learning and Employment Network. Advocates will be out in the community providing face-to-face support in public places across the region.

Jobs Victoria services connect people who are currently looking for work with employment opportunities. In your local community, jobseekers can gain support through Qualify Ballarat, Work and Learning Centre Ballarat and WestVic Ballarat.

Through Jobs Victoria, long-term unemployed jobseekers or those at risk of long-term unemployment have access to a Jobs Victoria mentor to provide case-management support to get them into employment.  Jobs Victoria is currently assessing proposals from organisations to further expand the number of Jobs Victoria mentors to meet community needs. The new employment services will commence in July 2021.

To access supports and look for employment and training opportunities in Ballarat, jobseekers can visit the Jobs Victoria website (

Creating jobs as our economy rebuilds 

The Jobs Victoria Fund can financially support businesses and organisations in your local area to employ people who have been most affected by the economic impacts of the pandemic. The Fund provides $250 million in wage subsidies to assist Victorian organisations to employ at least 10,000 people who are looking for work. Employers may be eligible for a subsidy of up to $20,000 per new employee.

The Jobs Victoria Fund is now open for applications. Guidelines and further information regarding eligibility are available at

Recruitment support is also available for employers at