Investing in Police and Community Safety – Ministerial Response

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Original constituency question from Juliana Addison MP to Parliament –

My constituency question is for the Minister for Police. How is the Allan Labor government’s record investment in Victorian police and community safety supporting my electorate of Wendouree?

The last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for the Ballarat community with the disappearance of Samantha Murphy, the weeks-long extensive search, the arrest of the alleged killer and the ongoing investigation. We have also had the worry of significant fires to our west, and just last week we had the tragic Ballarat goldmine collapse that killed Kurt Hourigan and seriously injured a 21-year-old Ballarat man.

Throughout these challenging times Victoria Police have stood with our community. I offer my heartfelt thanks to the police for their service to the people of Ballarat.

I also offer my deepest sympathies to Samantha’s and Kurt’s families and friends and send my best wishes to the hospitalised injured worker.

Thank you also to the mine rescue crew, paramedics and other emergency services who were there firsthand at the mine disaster.

Response from the Hon. Anthony Carbines MP, Minister for Police (26 April 2024) –

I commend the Victoria Police members who responded to the recent tragic events in your electorate of Wendouree. Their dedication to the community will not be forgotten. My deepest sympathies are with those who have been impacted by these tragedies.

The Victorian Government is committed to providing Victoria Police with the resources it needs to keep our growing community safe, with the Victorian Budget 2022-23 delivering $342 million in funding for an additional 502 police and 50 protective service officers. These additional resources build upon the more than 3,100 additional police delivered as part of the Allan Labor Government’s record $4.5 billion investment in Victoria Police. As a part of this commitment, the Ballarat Division has received an additional 64 sworn police since 2016.

Finally, your constituents will likely be interested in the Victoria Police ‘Neighbourhood Policing’ program, which is focused on putting the community at the heart of decision making, fostering greater engagement between communities, local businesses, and local police, and increasing community safety. This approach has resulted in local police being more visible and accessible in the community in order to deter and prevent crime.

Further information on how your constituents can get involved in this initiative is available on their local Victoria Police Eyewatch page at:


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