George Devine Treloar Statue & 9/11 Anniversary

you can watch the video here

It was wonderful to join with so many members of the Australian-Greek community, as well as Lee Tarlamis, former minister John Pandazopoulos and the Consul General of Greece for the official unveiling of the George Devine Treloar statue by sculptor Lis Johnson in Ballarat on Sunday. George Devine Treloar was a great Victorian. He was born in Ballarat in 1884, and in 1922 he was engaged in the resettlement of more than 100 000 Greek refugees from Turkey as a commissioner for refugees for the League of Nations. Treloar’s efforts to organise food, shelter, medical care and resettlement earned him the Order of the Redeemer, a degree of the Gold Cross, the oldest and highest decoration awarded by the modern Greek state. The Australian-Greek community, specifically the Pontic community, acknowledged George Devine Treloar as a heroic figure in their story of migration to Australia. He is considered an inspiration for future generations for his humanity, his bravery and his compassion. Thank you to the George Treloar Memorial Committee, the Pontion Association of Melbourne, the Victorian Pontiaki Estia, the City of Ballarat, patrons and community sponsors for honouring George Treloar in Ballarat.


I also wish to acknowledge that today is the 18th anniversary of the September 11 attacks and to remember those who were killed, especially the 10 Australian victims. My friend Andrew Knox was working in the north tower that day, and we miss him very dearly.