Ballarat Intersection Upgrades – Ministerial Response

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Original adjournment matter from Juliana Addison MP to Parliament –

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the action I seek is for the minister to provide me with an update on the massive road blitz that is being undertaken to keep Ballarat moving.

In 2018 we announced a re-elected Andrews Labor government would invest $58.6 million in nine crucial intersection upgrades across Ballarat. I am pleased that the works have commenced on a number of these projects.

One of these intersections is the Sturt Street–Russell Street–Morrison Street intersection in Newington. This is a particularly busy and dangerous intersection, with Victoria Park on one corner and Loreto College on the other. I have always considered it to be a difficult and hazardous crossing. I am very pleased that we are installing traffic lights at this intersection, making it safer for school students, pedestrians, runners, cyclists and vehicles to go from Russell Street across Sturt Street to access Lake Wendouree.

Also a number of community members and local businesses in Delacombe, Winter Valley and Alfredton have raised with me the congested roundabout at the intersection of Learmonth Street, Ballarat-Carngham Road, Wiltshire Lane and La Trobe Street. This is an area of significant growth, and the heavy traffic at the roundabout is a cause of frustration for motorists at all times of the day.

Our plan to replace the roundabout with traffic lights will improve traffic flow through this intersection. Further, work has begun on the installation of traffic lights at the busy Gillies Street in Lake Gardens at the Gregory Street intersection. Gregory Street has been opened up to be a convenient east–west route through the area, and it will no doubt increase traffic.

Approximately 2400 vehicles use this intersection each hour during peak time. This is expected to increase by 60 per cent by 2041. The new traffic lights and the linking of them to the Howitt Street intersection will certainly improve traffic flow and take the stress out of turning in and out of Gregory Street.

The addition of new lanes to both the Cuthberts Road and Learmonth Street roundabout and the Learmonth Street and Sturt Street roundabout at the Arch of Victory will improve traffic flow and reduce queuing in peak periods. I am also looking forward to the construction of the new roundabout at the corner of Dyson Drive and Ballarat-Carngham Road for Lucas and Alfredton residents.

As the Ballarat population continues to grow, the upgrade of these important intersections will make a real difference to the safety and connectivity of our city. I look forward to receiving an update from the minister on how these upgrades to these important intersections are progressing and to sharing this information with my community.

Response from the Hon. Ben Carroll MP, Minister for Public Transport & Minister for Roads and Road Safety (21st July 2021) –

I thank the Member for providing me with the opportunity to share an update on the significant amount of work underway to improve the Ballarat road network.

The significant road blitz that is being undertaken with investment in crucial intersection upgrades across Ballarat is well underway. In relation to the Member’s request for updates on the intersection projects, I am pleased to provide the following information.

Sturt Street / Russell Street / Morrison Street

Many Ballarat students will have a safer journey to school thanks to the upgrade taking place at the intersection of Sturt Street / Russell Street /Morrison Street in Newington. Work to install new traffic lights at the intersection has been completed and we are now working with power utilities to commission new street lighting at this site.

Cuthberts Road / Learmonth Street and Sturt Street / Learmonth Street roundabouts

We are continuing to work together with the City of Ballarat to ensure we develop a solution that will further improve safety and traffic flow through this busy precinct in Alfredton. Upgrades to the roundabouts will make journeys more efficient for drivers and provide safer options for pedestrians. The City of Ballarat are the delivery agency for this project.

We have also commenced roll-out of the Victorian Government’s Keeping Ballarat Moving program, which is delivering six intersection upgrades to major traffic hotspots around Ballarat.

Gillies Street / Gregory Street

Under Keeping Ballarat Moving, new traffic lights are being installed at the intersection of Gillies and Gregory streets to improve safety and traffic flow through the area. These works began in April and will run until early August, weather permitting. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of December 2021.

Learmonth Street / Ballarat-Carngham Road / LaTrobe Street / Wiltshire Lane

This intersection is a critical connection point to the suburbs of Sebastopol, Lucas and Delacombe. The current roundabout is often heavily congested at peak times and does not cater for Ballarat’s population growth. The installation of traffic lights at this intersection will improve traffic flow and safety. All design work for this project has been completed. A contract has been awarded and construction will commence shortly.

Wiltshire Lane/Glenelg Hwy Intersection

Design work has also been completed for the upgrade to the WiltshireLane and Glenelg Highway intersection. This intersection is a critical connection point to growing suburbs such as Sebastopol, Lucas and Delacombe and our upgrade will replace the existing roundabout  with traffic signals to help better handle traffic flow and increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists accessing the nearby shopping precincts.

Service relocation works are now underway, to prepare the site for major construction. Tenders for construction are being evaluated before major work commences.

Hertford St / Albert St Intersection

We are also getting closer to the construction phase for the HertfordStreet/Albert Street intersection, which will see the existing roundabout replaced with traffic signals. This is one of Ballarat’s biggest connectors, linking the Glenelg Highway with the MidlandHighway and is in the centre of Sebastopol’s commercial area.

Work is underway to design the water main relocations which we expect to begin in coming months, before civil construction can commence.

Midland Hwy / Docwra St Intersection

The Midland Hwy / Docwra Street upgrade, which forms part of Ballarat’s southern gateway, will improve driver and pedestrian safety.  It includes the delivery of additional lanes in each direction, the installation of a roundabout at the Midland Highway Docwra Street intersection, as well asa pedestrian crossing to make it easier for families and children to access the nearby Magpie Primary School.

Design works for the water main relocation is underway, and we have engaged with utility service authorities to undertake the required relocation works in coming months. This will prepare this site for civil construction.

Dyson Drive / Ballarat-Carngham Road Intersection

Dyson Drive and Ballarat-Carngham Road are key connection points forLucas and Delacombe residents in Ballarat’s rapidly growing west.Significant development in the area has contributed to an increase in traffic volumes which is why we’re installing a roundabout to improve traffic flow and safety in this location. Preliminary design and costing works are being undertaken for this project along with environmental checks and the preparation of a cultural heritage management plan.We’ll finalise the intersection design and make plans available to the community ahead of the commence of the major works.

I thank the Member for raising this important issue with me and for her continued advocacy for better transport options for her community.