$250 Power Saving Bonus – Adjournment Matter

Winter in Ballarat is cold, and we have recently had a number of below-zero mornings. I know that heating a home and keeping warm can be expensive. Therefore I am so pleased that the Andrews Labor government is addressing the cost-of-living pressures with the $250 power saving bonus for eligible Ballarat households. The $250 energy payment provides welcome financial relief for Wendouree constituents this winter.

Significantly, it also provides energy consumers with potential for long-term financial relief by encouraging them potentially to find a better power plan through the Victorian Energy Compare website. Indeed seven out of 10 people who have logged on have found a cheaper deal.

It has been great to hear from so many people in Ballarat who have taken up this offer who appreciate this boost to their household budgets. Further, I am so pleased that over the last month my electorate office has assisted hundreds of constituents with inquiries about the bonus as well as supporting them to apply over the phone or in person or attend outreach posts, including events at the Wendouree Senior Citizens and the Brown Hill Senior Citizens.

Modern technology can be overwhelming for some community members, and I have found that our assistance has been welcomed. Indeed many had no idea they could approach their local MP for this, and I continue to encourage anyone that needs help to get in touch with my office.

These interactions have also provided my staff and me with an opportunity to make a small difference in another person’s life and hear from constituents that we have previously never met. As a result we have had wonderful and inspiring conversations with many people in my community about their life, family, travels, work, highs and lows. Our elderly seniors deserve support, social wellbeing and more than a little kindness, and it is a privilege to help with this in addition to providing the bonus itself.

I thank the minister for introducing this important initiative that addresses cost-of-living pressures, and I look forward to hearing how many households in my community have applied for and benefited from the $250 power saving bonus.

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